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White Label
Telegram Bot

A Proven Solution to Boost Solana Project's Volume Instantly with Your Branded Telegram Bot


For Service Providers

Add a New Revenue Stream with a Custom Solana Volume Booster!

Custom Branding

Tailor the bot with your logo and colors

Instant Integration

Integrate and onboard new clients with ease

Automated Bot

The bot operates autonomously, requiring no manual intervention


Multi-Client Boost

Manage multiple clients at the same time

Revenue Generation

Add a profitable service to your portfolio

Dedicated Support

Receive comprehensive support from our team to ensure smooth operation


Launch Your
Own White
Label Telegram

and Offer It to Clients as a Premium Service


Expand Your Services

Diversify offerings with a valuable Solana utility

Immediate Revenue Stream

Start earning instantly by providing a branded Telegram bot

Effortless Scalability

Manage multiple clients with no interaction

FAQ for Service Providers

1.How quickly can my agency launch the branded bot solution?+

You can launch your branded bot solution within few days, offering it to clients as a ready-to-use service.

2.Can I manage multiple clients at the same time?+

Yes, our bot allows you to manage multiple clients and their volume at the same time effortlessly.

3.How much customization is possible with the white label solution?+

You can customize the bot's branding to meet your unique requirements.

Start Generating Revenue Instantly with Your Branded Solana Telegram Bot!

For Project Owners

Add Proven Utility to Your Solana Token with a Branded Volume Booster Bot!

Custom Branding

Tailor the bot with your project's unique logo, colors, and messaging

Volume Boosting

Increase your token's trading volume and offer that service to other Solana Projects!


Utility Expansion

Add new utility to your project's token and engage your holders

Instant Integration

Seamlessly integrate the bot into your existing project framework


Launch Your
Telegram Bot

Boost Your Project Utility and Your Token Volume Today with a Branded Solana Telegram Bot!


Boost Trading Volume

Instantly increase trading volume using Orbitt MM's battle-tested utility

Strengthen Project Utility

Improve your token's utility and increase its appeal to investors

Generate Revenue

Use the bot's volume-boosting capabilities to create new revenue streams

Custom Branding

Ensure your bot reflects your project's unique identity

FAQ for Project Owners

1.How does the white-label solution improve my project's token utility?+

The branded bot provides a valuable utility that increases trading volume, engages your community, and enhances your token's appeal.

2.How soon can I launch my custom-branded Telegram bot?+

You can launch your branded bot within a few days, providing instant utility to your token holders.

3.How can the branded bot increase my trading volume?+

The bot uses Orbitt MM's proven volume-boosting strategies to increase liquidity and visibility for your project's token.

Enhance Your Project's Volume and Utility with a Branded Solana Telegram Bot!